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Being a man in today's world is hard. Really hard.  You are told to be "good". A good student, good son, good worker, good husband or boyfriend. Told to make the most of yourself. Land the big job. Pursue the 'American Dream’.  And then you are left with an empty feeling, like you sold your soul. You feel trapped. 

"Is this all there is to my life", you ask? Answer a few questions...

Is there a stirring inside you that you can't put your finger on? A feeling that you want to see how much more you are capable of as a man?

If you were to think about your final hours on this earth, what would be your biggest regrets? Would wishing you'd watched more TV be on your list? 

Do you want to be just like everyone else? Or do you want to be different...better?

Do you feel like you want to be free? Free from the past, from pain, addiction, and hopelessness? Free from the rut society has placed you in?

God has designed men to be more, far more, than just good.  Don’t settle for good.  Let's break our self-inflicted boundaries and become great!

Start Your Journey

We use the outdoors and adventure to unlock the man that is trapped, hiding inside of each of us. We forge deep and lasting relationships, creating young men who rejoice in finally finding the freedom so readily available to them. We mentor and model authentic manhood by joining together in epic adventures such as backpacking, hiking, kayaking, caving, rock climbing, white water rafting and mountain biking. We live a larger life together.  Adrenaline pumping activities create opportunities to be untamed and free and place us in situations that unlock the warrior inside of us. That man inside of you has been called by God to live a life that is wildly adventurous. Are you ready to take the next step in your Journey?  

What are you waiting for?

Journey Men In Action in 2019!



To teach and model authentic manhood while using epic adventure in God's creation as the catalyst for life change. 



To make the hearts of men come alive and watch them change their world.

Core Values


Every man bears God's image and adventurous spirit. Every man has a greater purpose. Every man has value, regardless of their past. Every Man needs other men in their lives. Every man bears a warrior's heart 

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