The Father Effect


 We just watched the full-length version of this amazing documentary. It is heartbreaking how much the 'father wound' is defining this generation of men (and women). Men, we need to stand up and be present in our families! We can reverse the effects of neglect, abuse, and despair that are so pervasive in our society today! If you can, rent this on vimeo (or buy it as we did). Its worth a watch! 

Bob's Story


I remember the day like it was just yesterday. It is burned in to my memory like a hot iron. My dad had just stopped by for a visit. The problem was that he was drunk…again. He stayed a for a little while and put a pretty good beating on my mom. I was just a young teenager so there was nothing I could do. I wanted to, I really did. 

Stacking Stones


I have stacked a lot of things in my life including Lego building blocks, Saturday morning pancakes for the kids, clean dishes and fresh laundry, papers on my desk, split firewood and even stones for a fire pit to relax with family and friends. A few years back, my son and I built a fire pit. I bought the pavers and stacked them in the yard, while Jake prepared the right spot and created an impressive fire pit which we enjoyed for many years.

Free Solo


 At Journey we love to celebrate the adventuresome man, this guy may be taking it a little too far...  A guy named Alex Honnold who scaled the 3000' face of El Capitan in Yosemite WITHOUT ROPES! It is being celebrated as one of the most athletic achievements in human history. Check out this trailer!

Healing The Father Wound


  Check out this article we found. This is why we do what we do! Older guys, we NEED you to get involved with us. Younger guys, FIGHT against your wounds. Don't let them define you. Break the cycle your father may have perpetuated. Let's let our awesome God and his incredible nature collectively heal us! 

Uncommon Men


 I am reading a daily devotional “uncomMEN: reclaiming your identity as a man”.  Anyway, Today’s reading fell lock step with the journal entry I had JUST made not five minutes before. I don’t think it was coincidence that God put this before me today. I am tired of wearing masks. Aren’t you?