Our Solution

Men need to be challenged to become more than they think they can be. Outdoor adventure is the key!

Boredom. Apathy. Lack of direction. A feeling that life should just be more fulfilling than it is. A sickening fear that society has told you a lie on what being a man really means. A deep sense that your life is on a path that will leave you feeling trapped in rut you can't get out of...

If any of this resonates with you, you are not alone and you are ready to take the next step in your own manhood Journey! 

We believe that if mature, adult men who have been through the trials of life come alongside younger men to build deep, long term relationships with them, lives would change. Freedom would be found.  The path of a young man's life could become one of hope and joy.  In fact, the lives of everyone else they come in contact with would change

Face it, older men have obviously made some poor choices in their lives too. What if young men could learn from the life experiences of older guys while witnessing first-hand what mature, authentic manhood looks like? What if every man were to reach back to guys only a few years behind and helped them on their life journey? An incredible, organic mentoring takes hold. The key is that all of this takes place in the outdoors in a safe environment where we unpack life's trials, temptations and failures ...on a backpacking trip, along a rivers edge or at a campfire. 

Did you ever notice that God used 'wilderness' to mold and shape His men all through the Bible?

  • Abraham was told to 'go' and he embarked on a voyage with his family through the middle East that lasted years! 
  • King David, before he was ever King, lived in caves and among rocks as he fled King Saul who was trying to kill him. 
  • John the Baptist lived in the wilderness eating locusts and honey as he proclaimed the coming of God's own son, Jesus. 
  • Jesus himself fled society and embarked on countless solo journeys to draw himself closer to his Father, some lasting as long as 40 Days! 

The stories go on and on, but one thing is clear: Virtually every man of character that came out of the Bible did so through wilderness trials that formed and molded them.  They never grew into the man God was calling them to be by sitting on a couch with a TV remote in their hand. 

As men, we are copping out, literally letting our loved ones down, if we allow ourselves to live anything short of a wild and adventurous life! 

Now, learn about our program and see how it can transform your life!