Meet Our Team

Brian Long


Brian has been an avid outdoorsman since his Dad taught him to fish, hunt, and camp. Nothing lights him up like hanging around a campfire in the mountains with a group of guys and sharing life together. He is the founder of the ministry and helps plan our events. He loves mentoring some of the younger guys.

Bob Barton


Bob is our executive director and a 'get er done' kind of guy. His outdoor interest lie more along the lines of sports such as football and golf, but he is not afraid of the trail either! Ask him about peanut butter sometime. There is quite a story there! Bob hails from Marietta, PA with his wife Stacey and daughter, Grace.

Drew Myers


Drew is a young newlywed and father...and not too much further on the Journey than many of you! He lives in Lancaster County, PA and loves the outdoors, especially backpacking. Drew is a man  after Gods own heart and to see the growth in him since he discovered adventure is truly amazing!

Bryce Toman


Bryce hails from Idaho originally, but has since moved to Gettysburg where he is active in youth ministry and music worship at our local Four Square Church. Bryce loves the outdoors, especially fishing (nice bass, Bryce). His goal is to impact lives with the love of God in any way he can! 

Keith Baker


Keith lives in North Carolina with the Smoky Mountains in his backyard. He loves the outdoors and has spent many years enjoying it! He loves fly fishing, hiking, camping and most of all, leadership! Keith is a walking, talking sage on how to effectively lead and communicate.